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Everything and more for you to construct your robotic army will be present and available for use. From servos to robot experts to language masters, you need only bring your laptop and excitement to learn and willingness to ask questions. We provide for everything else, food and beverage included.

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Node.js Ruby, Python, .NET -- come one, come all

Come As You Are

We have built RobotsConf to be the perfect starting point for all software developers to learn and survey the entire Maker Movement. You do not need to have an Arduino or ever played with LEDs and you will have an absolute blast. We make sure by the time you leave, you are prototyping with ease.

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Robots, drones, 3D printing -- we have it all

OMG Robots

While named RobotsConf, it is not just robots, but all things Maker Movement. Our workshops cover everything from electronic fundamentals to fashion to the rising Internet of Things. You will be amazed at how much you can accomplished in a focused and supportive environment.

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A Software Developers Hardware Conference

We know how you feel. Panic-stricken at the sight of a 9V battery, filled with worry about exploding an LED, or just completely lost about where to even begin. This event is for you! We have both hardware and software experts ready to guide you from fear to Internet of Things engineer in just two days. Not only will you have the chance to delve into the world of Internet of Things engineering, but we also have something special for football enthusiasts. During breaks and after sessions, we will host friendly football matches where you can showcase your skills and engage in some friendly competition with fellow participants. For more about football betting, check out เว็บ บอล ที่คนเล่นเยอะที่สุด blog and enjoy your betting.

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developers building bots

Makers at the RobotsConf 2013 Workshop

The Maker Movement
At A Fraction of the Cost

The upfront cost of hardware hacking can become a barrier to entry, this is why we have made RobotsConf. At the event you have full access to everything from 3D printers to drones to solder stations to robot kits so you can determine what makes you happy and fits best for your dream. We also have plans of integrating bots in parallel that will help young traders to execute trade autonomously; click here for details.All of this within a perfectly packaged and well defined ticket price, you have nothing to risk everything to gain!

Join us and build the future.

And One Last Thing
The Venue

Also the home base for JSConf US 2014, the Omni Amelia Island Resort is absolutely spectacular. Positioned north of Jacksonville, FL this magically space has everything to make your trip incredible. Hop a segway, ride a bike, jump in the ocean, or enjoy the pool. Bring your friends and family, make a good time of the event.

Robot paradise calls, will you answer.

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