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What is RobotsConf?

RobotsConf is a revolutionary technology event for software developers to get an efficient and effective deep dive into the exciting world of hardware development on December 6th and 7th, 2014. If you are a Ruby, Python, JS or any other high level language developer that is interested in the Maker Movement, but unsure where to start -- this event is designed for you. We will have experts in each high level language in attendance and available as well as many of the incredible makers who are already changing the world. With hands-on sessions covering drones, 3D Printing, microcontrollers, and the Internet of Things, this is the only two day event that will take you from a software developer to a Maker.

There are only a limited number of seats available for the event mainly due to its high focus on hands-on activities which does require more staff and experts to be on hand. The event will be unlike any other technical conference you might have attended and as such we wanted to give you a list of reasons why you will want to be at RobotsConf:

  1. Test out the wide world of robotics, maker movement, and hardware hacking without serious upfront investment of time and money! One of the scariest parts of entering any new field is "what do I need to get started" and that is often followed by the fear of "this is too complex, I should just quit now". RobotsConf is built to provide you a place to play, dabble, and learn with experts that will help you through those first couple hurdles as well as provide you a breadth of experience to quickly identify what you really want to pursue. The best part of RobotsConf is that your entire cost (in both time and money) is well defined and will not increase. You don't have to buy a drone, solder station, bunch of parts, reflow station, etc, microcontrollers, 3D-Printer, ongoing fee to a hackerspace, etc. just to find out you dont like drones and rather prefer making smart clothing. We are creating a "find your passion" with a safety net environment and it is the best way to make the leap to learning hardware, come join us!
  2. The only place you can learn in your programming language of preference a new world This event isn't for people familiar with hardware, electrons, and soldering - it is for people that program web applications, sites, server systems, and desktop apps. It is for people that are fascinated by robots but might know what is a servo. Due to this, we will be the first and only event that gathers the "gatekeepers" (aka serialport package maintainers) between Ruby, Python, JS, Clojure, etc. into one room to help you become familiar with hardware through the very same languages you use happily every day.
  3. An incredible blend of inspiration and training. Lectures grow tiresome and abstract, while strict training doesn't often afford one to drive their own education. This why we have opted for a blended model of morning inspirational talks by the greatest thought leaders, movers, and shakers in the hardware and maker movement and hands-on choose-your-own-adventure style focsued labs throughout the afternoon. At RobotsConf, we spend the morning getting excited about the dreams of the maker movement and spend the afternoon learning to build the dream.
  4. Focus on high quality, intimate, social interactions, not quantity and pride. This event is constructed in the same nature as [JSConf US]( and as such will provide you food and refreshment throughout the day in a manner that encourages social interactions. Speakers and experts are not kept isolated, but rather forced to be part of the audience. We are purposefully constraining the size of the event in order to ensure that every single attendee leaves incredibly happy and ready to build the next generation of robots, drones, fashion, or beyond.

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Chris Williams

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Laura Williams

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Virginia Williams

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