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RobotsConf for Kids!!!

Posted: 30 Jun 2014

What's more exciting than a room full of the latest hardware and hackers to help you figure out how to use that hardware to take over the world?? Easy - empowering the next generation (and younger) of developers and hardware hackers to join in on the fun. During RobotsConf 2013, we had a few rockstar kids show up and totally steal the show (Sylvia Todd). So for 2014 we wanted to formalize it and incentivize the younger generations. With that said, check out the new kids tickets.

RobotsConf Tickets Now On Sale

Posted: 02 Jun 2014

The energy and excitement for RobotsConf is amazing and we cannot wait to host everyone in Amelia Island, FL. We will have a limited number of seats available for the event mainly due to its high focus on hands-on activities which does require more staff and experts to be on hand. The event will be unlike any other technical conference you might have attended and as such we wanted to give you a list of reasons why you will want to be at RobotsConf...

RobotsConf Call for Makers and Maker-Makers

Posted: 02 Jun 2014

RobotsConf is an extraordinary event driven mainly by our industry experts that are selected to attend as speakers. We want you to be those industry experts! We want to hear from you about the amazing things you are doing, building, making, and thinking! We do have specific topic areas we are looking for as well as specific hands-on trainers we would like to have as invited participants, so please review the list below for what is needed. At the same time, please don't limit your submissions to JUST those topics, we are happy to entertain any crazy idea - so long as you can tailor to an audience of software developers learning hardware. For all submissions (speaker or trainers), we are looking for training and speaking expertise balanced with "incredibleness" of topic, all of that must be tempered with an ability to present in an educational versus simply presentational manner. In short, we want people who have done/are doing amazing things, can speak to those things in an accessible manner, and help people to recreate it on their own.